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Former Commissioner, Aaron Delgado has graciously donated over $4000 to Volusia/Flagler Sports Outreach. With his donation, we have continued to provide funds to our students currently involved in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. Thank you Aaron, for helping us provide a way to make a better community, not just for our youth, but our local families and veterans as well.

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Though VFSO began with reaching out to help our youth, we wanted to expand the program to families and veterans.

Over the years, we have witnessed what discipline and good work ethic does for children. It motivates them, pushes them to work hard, and in the end - get the results sought after. What better way to motivate a child than to add their parents or siblings, etc. into the mix?! 

Volusia/Flagler Sports Outreach incorporates ways for family to come together, and for those who don't have family, to gain one. 

We accept applications for families (i.e. parents and/or siblings in the same house hold), individuals (requirements must be met) and veterans that are unable to afford Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.



Are you interested in giving back to your community, need community service hours for school, or just enjoy giving your time to help the youth? Call or email us today. We would love to have you!

We are also in search of an accountant, guidance counselor/therapist, entrepreneurs, anyone that can volunteer their services to help free seminars. Please contact us by phone or email. 

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